Burning Man Decompression

BM 2014-3Well my friends as you have already guessed I have just returned from the Burning Man Festival in Nevada.

It is slightly disconnected from the real world, thankfully, and a period of decompression is required to provide a controlled, if painful, process of re-entry into normal like.

Mine consists of five levels

Euphoria – when I smiled remembering the people I met and things I did and did not do. Not having a shower at least once a day is kind of liberating.

Despair – Burning Man is over.

Disappointment – trying to find any good photographs of the event amongst the blurred, under exposed and slanted images (see last post) taken on the Playa.

Frustration – trying to explain Burning Man to my friends.

Surrender – the final step in the decompression process.

I have decided not to surrender but keep the ten principles alive throughout the year by taking up a new activity. The UVS (unique video selfie) is the new upgraded version of the genre and producing them should keep the mind focused and prepared for the next Burning Man.

I invite you all to join in this activity and maintain an undercurrent of radical self-expression in the face of normality. Hazardous and bedroom based productions are not encouraged!

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