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Glitter Bomb

Christopher and I did an interesting shoot with Rebecca McGrath. She excels at dramatic makeup. The model was Arlene Trainor on her second shoot!


Glitter Bomb

The World Could Be A Better Place

I constructed this one night after discussing with Christopher how we might produce the image. I was alone, bored and had time on my hands. The trick is to keep the lighting and the camera still during the shoot and make sure not to move any of the furniture. The lighting was adjusted for each shot, using a flash meter, so that the exposure was as uniform as possible as I moved between chairs. The screen grab shows how the images were placed on layers with black masks which allowed the correct part of the image to be painted in on a graphics tables. I am sure there is a cleverer way to do it and a model with better posture but you work with what you have got.

better world

Better World Layers

Street Photography

Small Street Performer

I have dived with sharks. I have climbed in the Alps.  I find street photography scary!

Today I took out my new Fujifilm XT-1 camera with me on my first street photography expedition. I justified this camera to myself as being small but producing amazing images with the attached 56mm lens making it suitable for street photography. So I was committed to this path and will need to “man up” soon.  And yes I did pay for the shot.