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Dance and Movement 1

I have just started a project based around dance and movement and seek interested dancers, gymnasts and movement artists who might be interested. I have been inspired by the work of Ken Browar and Deborah Ory and their stunning images created within the NYC Dance Project.

NYC Dance Project on Instagram

You have just got to set  your goals high. I think I know what I have to do technically to get the images but the most important component of the project will be the individuals who demonstrate their amazing skills in front of the lens (lots of times in front of flashing lights). If you are interested please contact me. Thank you.

These are examples of my previous work on the theme of dance and movement.


These are some of the shots taken of the model Tamara who traveled up from Dublin to do the shoot with us. Tamara is a very talented model and I think she will go far in the modeling world.


It all started out with an idea for some radical eye makeup suggested by the makeup artist Rebacca McGrath who works a lot with Silent Canvas Media.

Then it developed.

Pond Porn

Some weeks ago the frogs in the neighborhood decided to throw a party in my pond. Things got out of hand and there are now thousands of tadpoles swimming about in packs.

Burning Man Decompression

BM 2014-3Well my friends as you have already guessed I have just returned from the Burning Man Festival in Nevada.

It is slightly disconnected from the real world, thankfully, and a period of decompression is required to provide a controlled, if painful, process of re-entry into normal like.

Mine consists of five levels

Euphoria – when I smiled remembering the people I met and things I did and did not do. Not having a shower at least once a day is kind of liberating.

Despair – Burning Man is over.

Disappointment – trying to find any good photographs of the event amongst the blurred, under exposed and slanted images (see last post) taken on the Playa.

Frustration – trying to explain Burning Man to my friends.

Surrender – the final step in the decompression process.

I have decided not to surrender but keep the ten principles alive throughout the year by taking up a new activity. The UVS (unique video selfie) is the new upgraded version of the genre and producing them should keep the mind focused and prepared for the next Burning Man.

I invite you all to join in this activity and maintain an undercurrent of radical self-expression in the face of normality. Hazardous and bedroom based productions are not encouraged!

The End Of An Era

Settle down I am not about to sell all my Canon Equipment. Hannah Mary, one of the models I have had the great luck to meet and photograph, is moving to England to study fashion. I am sure she will do very well and  I wish her all the very best. I have collected together some of my shots of her to show what the photography community in Northern Ireland will sorely miss.  Sonya Sloan helped make the shots possible, and even more fun, as the make up artist.

I hope Hannah Mary will do some modelling on her visits back home.







Burning Man Waistcoat Prototype

BM Waistcoat Prototype

Things are now getting serious about preparations for this year’s Burning Man. It is not a good idea to walk / cycle across “The Playa” at night unlit because there are no street lights in Black Rock City. So this arrangement above is part of the design for the back of my waistcoat. Just checking that I have enough EL wire for the size of the design. A lot of the wire will be inside black tubing inside the body of the waistcoat and will not be visible even at night. Only the Burning Man logo will shine through I hope.

This is my steam punk glow stick belt for the front. The glow sticks can be replaced when spent.

Steampunk NFC Glow Stick Belt



Welcome to the world of Hawkeye 127

My name is Roger Telford and I have been a photographer for about 50 years in some shape or form. The Hawkeye 127 was the first camera I used to produce a photograph. I think it was a photograph of my sister Alanna. Just bought one on Ebay for £12. The idea of the blog came from a book by Austin Kleon entitled “Show Your Work”.  The hope is that viewers will interact with me through the blog and hopefully exchange  information with me and get to know my style of photography.